NHS Treatment Costs

NHS charges are set by the government not the orthodontist, if you qualify for NHS treatment you may be asked to pay for it.  Patients under 18 years old usually receive help toward the cost.  Patients over 18 years old usually need to pay towards their NHS care unless in receipt of certain benefits, they must also seek permission for NHS orthodontic treatment from their Primary Care Trust (PCT).  Most PCT’s will not allow NHS orthodontic treatment for patients over 18 years.

All NHS treatment provided in hospital is free of charge, however, there are often restrictions on the treatments available.

Private Treatment Costs

For orthodontic treatment the cost depends on the complexity of the problem, the likely duration of treatment and the type of brace chosen. Therefore, costs are specific to the particular needs of the patient and it is difficult be give exact costs without seeing the patient, however, to give an indication of likely charges the average prices quoted last year are listed below. All prices include the provision of clear removable (Essix) retainers. For those wanting clear ceramic braces an additional fee of £150 per arch will apply.

Patients are of course free to seek cost estimates from other providers of orthodontic care and I will match any like for like quote.

“We guarantee to provide quality treatment at a price lower than any other written like for like quotation”

A fully itemised, written treatment plan will be provided following consultation.

up to 6 months – £1000

6 – 12 months – £1400

12 – 18 months – £1800

up to 6 months – £1400

6 – 12 months – £1800

12 – 18 months – £2200

*Prices supplied are a guide and individual quotes may be slightly less or more depending on complexity.